escapade & matières

Heritage 1983

Washbasin collection

The birth of the HERITAGE 1983 brand rests on very solid foundations

Two collections designed by a manufacture contemporary, labeled Living Heritage Company by the state. It represents French excellence through its solid wood and Corian® achievements, especially in the world of baths and sanitary.  

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Escapade collection

The woods are chosen for their aging potential and the color they will take on and according to their exposure in the light.

After long treatments, imprinted with our know-how, the piece is made completely water and air resistant.

WRIV440-X / WRIV384-X

Matières collection

Like works of art, our 100% wood or hybrid products combine with other materials. 

Lacquer, precious veneer, wild leather or ceramic, technology and naturalness come together.

CSQU350-X / CFRA520-X

Options / Finishes :
leather, lacquer, veneer and accessories

CRIN382-X / CCAP520-X
Options / Finitions :
Ring : ceramic, leather, lacquer, veneer and accessories
Capsule : leather, lacquer, veneer and accessories

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